Ten Tricks To Better Use Google Maps On iOS, From Google

Posted on Dec 22 2012 - 1:47pm by Muhammad Umer

Today Google has published a series of recommendations for the best use of the Google Maps app on iOS device.

Google has released 10 tips on how to best use the new Maps App for iOS, lets discover them together:

1. Place a Pin on the Map

For placing a pin, simply tap and hold on any point of the map. By pressing on the tab at the bottom of the screen you can choose to save your location as a favorite or access to Street View.

2. Street View

To view panoramic images of Street View, press and hold anywhere on the map, tap the info sheet, and then tap the image. Once in Street View mode you can explore the image by dragging your finger or by pressing the icon at the bottom of the screen, on the left, by moving your iPhone.

3. Shake to Send us a Feedback

Help us to update our maps and our App If you find something that needs to be updated (as a closed road or a place that has been transferred) or if you have suggestions, just shake your iPhone and send feedback.

4. Swipe to See More

If you are looking for a local place (e.g. a bar) make a swipe on the information sheet to the right or left in order to gain access to the all results. If you find one you like, for more details tap it or swipe upward.

5. Access Views

You can easily access the various satellite views, traffic and public transport by pressing on the three dots on the right side of the interface, or by a swipe from right to left with two fingers.

6. Preview Steps in Navigation 

In navigation mode you can preview the upcoming route by making a swipe bar on the top of the screen to the left. By pressing the bottom bar we will obtain more information on our route.

7. Zoom with One Finger

You can zoom in and out maps simply by double tap, hold the second tap and drag your finger up and down.

8. Work & Home

You can save the location of your home & work in the maps. Clicking on “My Profile” near the search box, you can save it on all your devices.

9. Compass Mode

Using the compass mode you can orient the direction of the map depending on where you look.

10. Save a Place

Save your favorite locations for quick access in the future. Places saved will be synchronized on all your devices, and will appear on the map and on your search results.

Definitely a good initiative by Google, allows us to discover new and interesting ways of using Google Maps. For more in-depth information and advice you can consult the website of Google .

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