Steve Ballmer Attacks: “Android Ecosystem Is Wild, iPhone Is Too Expensive”

Posted on Nov 16 2012 - 2:51pm by Muhammad Umer

In an interview with Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer introduced its products the new Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and the tablet Surface. But beyond that, he spoke against Apple and Android, respectively judging them too expensive and savages.

According to the CEO, the Android OS is “wild and uncontrolled” and is highly exposed to malware risk.

As for the barbs aimed at Apple, Steve Ballmer declares that the Cupertino company “wants total control of its operating system” and unfortunately “offers too high prices.”

Ballmer subsequently expressed its willingness to place its operating systems at the center between Android and iOS. In fact, Ballmer explains that many customers want an alternative to the two operating systems, and Windows 8 may offer what customers are asking for.


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