Soon You Will Be Able Install Cracked iOS Apps Without Jailbreaking iPhone And iPad

Posted on Jan 7 2013 - 11:52am by Muhammad Umer

Hackulous has shut down its services permanently and Installous app is also dead, now the jailbreakers are looking for an alternative way of installing cracked apps on iPhone. There several new services that are trying to fill the gap and offer an easy installation of cracked apps.

Some Chinese developers are preparing an App Store program for Windows PC named KuaiYong. This program allows the installation of pirated apps on iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking. This development will make pirating of iOS apps easy as it is on Android, where 3rd part app stores in China carry pirated apps. KuaiYong claims to be compatible with iOS 6 and require no jailbreak.

Here is a tagline of new cracked app store for iPhone, KuaiYong:

 “New apps every day, you don’t need to understand mobiles and jailbreaking, don’t need iTunes, don’t need to login – just pick an app, download and install, and use it.”

TheNextWeb reported about this new pirated app store last week. Beta version of the store was launched in June 2012 only in Chinese language, due to which it remained hidden for so long. There are few demo videos and guides available on web that shows how to use KuaiYong on iPhone and iPad.

TheNextWeb pointed out that the pirated app store use bulk licensing to go through Apple’s security system. So the service provides the user exact same app with same license ID.

Few days ago Xie Lei, CEO of KuaiYong, posted that now the store has 5 million users and attached a photo of his shaved head along with a snippet of info. We are wondering that when Mr.Xie will receive a call from Apple lawyers.

Via| TheNextWeb

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