Scrolling Pages Based On Eye Movements Coming Soon For iPhone, Thanks To uMoove

Posted on Mar 13 2013 - 5:15pm by Muhammad Umer

It seems that the “eye-tracking” technology which is said to be embedded in Galaxy S IV is most discussed rumor among in recent days. An Israeli company is developing a method to bring this technology on all other smartphones without using special hardware. Let’s see how.

More than a week ago we reported the news that probably Galaxy S IV, the new flagship of Samsung, would make use of an innovative technology to track the movement of our eyes and run the scroll of pages based on these. Among the many features this was perhaps to arouse interest among the public.

Undoubtedly, if the news is confirmed, Galaxy S IV will be the first handset to adopt the technology, but an Israeli startup is already working to bring the ‘ eye-scrolling also on all other smartphones, iOS and Android.

This is called uMoove and uses the device’s front-facing camera to monitor the movement of the user’s head and eyes and perform action based on these.

The company will release the SDK for use on various technology platforms over the next few months and probably will be implemented within the various 3rd party applications.

Moti Krispil, the CEO of uMoove, has announced its collaboration with several companies and smartphone manufacturers, but did not specify whether its technology will be also used by Galaxy S IV.

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