Siri Obey Mind Commands In An Experiment [Video]

Posted on Mar 12 2013 - 4:08pm by Muhammad Umer

Siri the iOS voice assistant is doing a pretty good job and provide us with more accurate information. One of the seniors iOS architect for Honda R&D Americas, has posted a video clip of himself in which he uses brainwaves to control few functions of Siri.

iOS architect Duane Cash managed to carry out his experiment using some APIs of Siri suitably modified for the occasion and a control device capable of interpreting electroencephalographic (EEG) signals from the brain.

In the video, we see Cash thinking a command for a few seconds in order to be sent to Siri and then voice assistant executes the command: he manages to open a map and to open and close the menu.

Obviously this is just an experiment, so we should not expect such functionality in the short term. The machine control through the power of thought is still in its infancy and there is still much to do before this technology is sufficiently developed to be implemented effectively in everyday use.

Via | SlashGear

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