Judge Ordered Apple To Disclose The Process of Reviewing Applications

Posted on Mar 9 2013 - 11:31am by Muhammad Umer

A California judge, overseeing a privacy lawsuit against the Cupertino Company, ordered to reveal the process of reviewing applications before publishing the app on store.

Today is the deadline for Apple to submit the documents relating to the matter to Judge Paul S. Grewal. The applicants’ lawyers have accused the company for collecting the data related to location of iPhone users without their consent. Earlier this week, Gaviria said:

“Luckily for the plaintiffs, Apple has provided more than enough evidence itself to suggest to the court that it has not fully complied with the court’s order”

Apple claims that the company may be damaged if some of these documents were “inadvertently released to the public or fell into the wrong hands.” On Tuesday, the company’s legal representative, lawyer Ashlie Beringer, reported the judge that the company failed to deliver e-mail messages to managers, as required by the Court.

According to the company’s lawyers, the judge would force Apple to submit documents that were not supposed to be revealed. Ironically, these documents shall be attached to the request for appropriate storage by the Cupertino Company, arguing that the plaintiffs could not prove that iPhone owners were actually harmed.

As part of the order of the judge Grewal, Apple should reveal how the App Store applications are reviewed and approved by the company. Obviously, the Cupertino giant has severely declined to provide this information, claiming that their disclosure could reveal valuable trade secrets, as well as potentially putting the lives of reviewers of the app in danger.

Grewal disagrees about these potential risks, however has allowed Apple to introduce the app review process to a limited number of lawyers. Of course we will update you as soon as there will be any news.

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