iPhone And Facebook Targeted By Psychologists

Posted on Dec 12 2012 - 5:48pm by Muhammad Umer

If you have an iPhone, especially among men, prefers to play with their jewel signed Steve Jobs rather than indulge in a relaxing moment with your partner. As much as 76% of respondents admitted using it at any time of the day, in his spare time, on public transport, even at the dinner table and in the bathroom, enchanted by the world of applications that allow you to spend time with games and utilities of all sorts. Following a survey conducted by Skyscanner.

Research from the University of Bath has reported that men use the latest devices especially to engage in playful activities, increasingly preferring gambling, poker and blackjack on all. There are many casino applications for iPhone and iPad, readily available and often free of charge. However the male universe seems to arouse concerns, because more and more people are becoming more accustomed to the world of technology and games.

Continuously increasing the number of women employees in the cabinet, with a market share of 28% now compared to 36% of men. The fairer sex seems to be more involved by combined use of smartphones and social networking, with a constant presence in the network between the profiles of friends and acquaintances, pressing with comments to photos and videos, and especially the page of himself under control. According to research published recently by The Sun, many people use iPhone during the date. In this case, the 20% of respondents admitted that he stopped in a moment of healthy romance distracted by the sound of facebook notification and, on the irresistible urge to do a quick check.

Some technology, such as online casino, can momentarily fill the gaps, and the world of social networks has cancelled all distances, but live social relationships cannot be replaced by any virtual experience.

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