iPhone 6 Will Be The First Apple Smartphone Not Using Samsung Chip

Posted on May 6 2013 - 6:03pm by Muhammad Umer

Apple has already made it clear multiple times to abandon the services of Samsung as a supplier of components for their mobile devices. However, the transition from Samsung to other suppliers not seems to be difficult, since the latter produces extremely important parts for the operation, as the SoC.

iPhone 6

Every iPhone, from 2007 to 2012, it used components from factories and foundries of Samsung. Specifically the SoC (system-on-chips that contain the essential parts for the operation of the device, such as CPU, GPU and RAM) are produced by the South Korean giant, the only one who could supply the very high volumes required by Apple.

Basically Apple designs the chip and then assigns the patterns to Samsung, which produces substantially the SoC that then will be placed within the logical adapters that “animate” the hardware of the iPhone. It seems logical to think that the transition from one provider to another with regard to such important components is not to be taken lightly and cannot allow the slightest mistake.

According to DigiTimes, for this reason the production will move 100% from Samsung to TSMC in 2014. According to the latest rumors, the chip embedded in the device will use the 20nm manufacturing process carried out in recent weeks by the Taiwanese company, which expect large volumes in the early months of next year.

TSMC is the supplier of chip to giants such as Qualcomm and nVidia, which has for years supplied the producers of graphics cards on PC desktops and notebooks.

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