Insanity: 10,000 iPhone 5 Used As Dominoes [Video]

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 1:51pm by Muhammad Umer

Many times we find quite absurd videos on how to use an iPhone as abusing or better. Surely remember some videos where its strength and solidity of the same was tested, but today the popular smartphone made ​​in Cupertino were involved in an unusual clip!

iPhone 5 Used As Dominoes

The images show the spectacular (and expensive) path created with the famous iPhone 5, which fall one after the other.

10,000 iPhone 5 Used As Dominoes

Of course, the movie has been created specially by the team of AatmaStudio, and to tell the truth we can confirm that only the first iPhone 5 is real. The other 9,999 are in fact the result of the graphics device, since no one would ever dream (or maybe you) to place thousands and thousands of iPhone to use as the Domino tiles just for fun.

Via | CultOfMac

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