In The Future The iPhone Will Have High Quality Stereo Speakers

Posted on Mar 9 2013 - 7:43pm by Muhammad Umer

As we all know, a major limitation of mobile devices (not just those created by Apple) the audio output is not always awesome. In some cases we have a sound too low, other is scratchy or of poor quality and in others we have a loudspeaker placed in awkward positions to cover the sound when we have the device in your pocket. Apple seems to have found a good solution, based on a new patent.

The patent, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and published today, shows a new audio system that allows you to spread the sound of mobile devices in multiple directions.

Apple’s Patent Background

Several companies have tried in the past to improve the speakers present on mobile devices, but no solution appears to fully satisfy users. The truth is that a mobile device has to be of “right size” and then the speakers cannot be too large. This means that space is saved, but their quality will be compromised.

The various companies have therefore tried to insert dual speakers, larger or also predisposed of magnets capable of improving the sound quality. The solutions, even though they work, however, affect the battery life, which is very important for those who use a mobile device.

New Speaker Assembly with a Sound Radiating Surface

Here enters the patent filed by Apple, which proposes a speaker system that, through coils and crevices creates ad-hoc body, allow you to spread the sound in different directions recreating a stereo effect and therefore also increasing the power of speaker itself.

The sound would then be propagated through some coils of small audio chambers, which then lead it to the outside through the micro-cracks present on the body.

Exactly you cannot understand how Apple has solved the problem of energy consumption, but of course the period from the filing of the patent to its real implementation can last really long and then the company will have all the time in order to find a solution with a good quality/efficiency compromise design.

Via | Patently Apple

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