i0n1c: Jailbreak For iOS 6 Will Be Available On Saint Glinglin Day

Posted on Dec 28 2012 - 12:33pm by Muhammad Umer

Few minutes ago the famous German hacker has made a tweet saying that iOS 6 Jailbreak will be available on Saint Glinglin Day, an expression used in France, to declare something that don’t have a certain date, or more likely won’t happen ever.

From the past few days we have seen that the hacker enjoying, making fun of people who are hopeful for the release of a tool that can unlock the Apple device running iOS 6.

Few minutes ago a new tweet in which the German developer Stefan Esser says:  For all those who continue to ask for the jailbreak of iOS 6.0, will be issued on Saint Glinglin.

We searched the term Saint Glinglin day on Google and found that it’s not the part of our calendar; it’s a French expression, used to declare a date that probably will never happen, or that you do not know anything for sure. According to Wikipedia Saint Glinglin means:

Saint Glinglin is a fictional French saint. The name probably represents humorous onomatopoeia. The exact origin is unknown, but there are various fanciful theories. The expression dates back to the year 1897. The French expression À la Saint Glinglin (on Saint Glinglin’s Day) means “some day in the indefinite future, or quite likely never”.

We are now accustomed to being teased by Stefan Esser, hacker known for developing some loopholes for the jailbreak on iOS 4.3. In recent weeks many of his statements are still under discussion.

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