HTC One VS iPhone 5: A Photographic Challenge!

Posted on Feb 24 2013 - 1:36pm by Muhammad Umer

The HTC One was presented just a few days ago, but of course it was squeezed as much as possible from those eager to discover what this fantastic device is capable of. What we offer you today is a photographic comparison between HTC One and and iPhone 5 and needless to say the results are outstanding.

HTC One and iPhone 5 have many points in common: one in all regards is the neat and clean appearance, another important feature that links these two devices is the ability to sync iPhone backups on HTC One thanks to the new version of HTC Sync Manager, who will be able to process and transfer all our data (photos, videos, calendars and text messages) on our new device. This useful feature will thus allow a faster transition from one device to another making it easy to copy data.

We could say that the HTC One has started a new war between the mobile cameras, this is because if many companies prefer to massively increase the pixels, HTC focuses on the important metric of the size of each pixel, thus improving the final results.

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The biggest advantage of HTC One is its UltraPixels, which is the term by which the company advertises its 2.0 micrometers pixels present on the device. The UltraPixels sensors are significantly larger than those found in cameras of other devices such as iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920.

Before starting the photographic comparison we must make two small premises: the HTC One is tested with pre-release software, so the results you get with the final software will certainly be improved further. The second premise is the difference between the two cameras: the HTC One has a 4.3 megapixels camera, so images may provide less detail than those of the iPhone 5, but on the other hand they have the characteristic of being more natural and lighter (weigh from 600 KB to 1.7 MB).

This is the clearest picture of what I said just now in the intro: the first image taken with HTC has excellent exposure and the colors are also natural. The same cannot be said of the second (iPhone 5), which is overexposed.

Also macro photography taken from HTC One has a better light and more details thanks to its wide angle lenses.

The photographs taken outside instead are very similar, with the difference that the HTC One colors are more faithful to reality unlike iPhone 5, which shows colors more vivid.

In this photo once again the HTC One capture more light and balanced color with respect to iPhone 5.

In conclusion we can say that HTC has done a great job with the camera of its new device and we believe that in the final release of the software results will be better.

Via | PhoneArena

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