How To Increase / Double Your iPhone Battery On iOS 6

Posted on Oct 15 2012 - 12:09pm by Muhammad Umer

With the update to iOS 6 I began to notice a significant decrease in battery performance on my “old” iPhone 4. From the usual day of full usage (ending with a 20% charge available) I was inexplicably arrived at not being able to finish even half day without having to recharge my device. Powered by commitment and, after several attempts, I managed to bring my iPhone’s battery performances similar to the past. Here’s how I succeeded.

To be very honest I don’t know if the decline in battery performance has been really due to update to iOS 6. In fact, I begin to notice minor problems in the battery time of my device. The new Apple firmware, more resource-hungry, probably, has only exacerbated the problem.

Follow the tips below to increase / double your iPhone battery on iOS 6:

Integration with Facebook and Calendar

Initially thinking the cause of my problem in iOS 6, I searched the latest features introduced in new firmware. My focus laid on integration with Facebook and on Calendar sharing. The function that allows you to integrate Facebook with your calendar is very nice and well made, but essentially, I noticed that my calendar proliferated “events” to which I am regularly invited (and, usually, I don’t care). I decided, then, to disable the calendar sharing both from Facebook and from iCloud.


This was probably the change that made me save, really, so much battery. There are lot of applications on your iPhone which send notifications that are not important for you. You can disable all the unwanted notifications of every single app from Settings menu. Only enable notifications for those which you mostly use, I disabled notifications even for Apple applications such as Cards (I use but I never received a notification) and Game Center. Limit notifications as much as possible to those that you actually use. I finally disabled all those applications which I use very rarely.

I have not made ​​any changes to my mail account. Since use them for work and don’t want any compromise on this.

iCloud Services

In general, iCloud services seemed to be very efficient since the first release and there are no particular drawbacks. I personally think that iCloud synchronization with Contacts, Notes and Reminders, Safari bookmarks and Streaming Pictures and Documents is doesn’t affect battery.  The only functions that cause battery drainage is the improved Find My iPhone feature.

It is one of the most unique and useful services to iCloud, however, the fact that sometimes the application needs access to GPS and then transmit the position to iCloud is, of course, which is burdensome in terms of consumption. The service consumes an average of 15 to 20% of battery and I initially decided to turn it off.

Miscellaneous Settings

Here we go a bit about “Grandma ‘s” methods that I invite you to test and I decided to try it myself as more than some user claims to have benefited from using these little “tricks”. The first is to go to settings-> General-> date & time and disable automatic time zone.

Then go to settings-> Privacy-> location-> system services. Our recommendation is to disable iAd by location (this function allows the banner to locate your position and provide a more targeted advertising).  If you have disabled the automatic settings for the time zone you can also uncheck the Time Zone Settings.

Auto Brightness

Disable the auto-brightness, seems to bring some advantage in terms of battery life. It is, undoubtedly, a convenient function that you set this option as you wish. Personally I decided to disable it and then activate it if necessary.

We hope these tips will really help you to improve battery of your iPhone on iOS 6. If you have some other tips to share please let us know in comments.

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    Hey man. Great article. Really opened me up to some more things that I definitely overlooked. Really appreciate it and thanks for the thoughts.

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