How To Enable Speak Selection On iPhone

Posted on Mar 13 2013 - 4:35pm by Muhammad Umer

If you are using an iOS device, today we are going to tell you about an awesome feature of this OS that you may have never noticed. This feature is Speak Selection. By using this feature you can make your iOS device to read the selected text for you. It is different to the voice over feature that speaks everything you tap on. You can enable Speak Selection on iPhone whenever you need it.

In this article, we would tell you how to enable Speak Selection on iPhone.

How To Enable Speak Selection On iPhone

1. Launch the Settings app that is present on the home screen of your iOS device.
2. Open General by tapping on it.

3. When you scroll it down, you’ll find an option of Accessibility, tap it.

4. Here you’ll see an option Speak Selection, turn it on.

5. From here you can also manage the speed of reading text. Once you are done, tap on the home screen button, and return there.

How To Use Speak Selection On iPhone

1. The first step to use Speak Selection is to open the app containing text that you want your iOS device to read for you.
2. Tap and hold the text you want to read, until copy/paste menu is appeared.
3. Now highlight the text and when the pop-up appear, tap on the speak option.
4. Your iOS device would read the selected text for you.

This is an awesome feature of iPhone and iPad, but most of the people are unaware of it. If you like this feature please share it with others as well so they can also use it. We will be waiting for your feedback. Stay tuned for some more interesting topics.

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