How To Backup iPhone SMS And Export To PDF, HTML Or MS Excel

Posted on Jun 21 2013 - 2:08pm by Muhammad Umer

No doubt that iPhone is the greatest smartphone one has ever seen on this planet so far. But at the same time, due to many limitations from its manufacturers, you may often get frustrated. One of the problems that have to face by an iPhone user is limited options about SMS and iMessage conversations. If you want to make a backup of your iMessages/SMS conversations, you actually don’t have any option to save it on your phone or PC for future. But now we are going to guide you on how you can save your conversations on your PC, and retrieve them any time later.

backup iphone sms

The process is neither too lengthy, nor too complex. Let’s see how you would be able to backup iPhone SMS:

First Step: Before starting the actual process, you have to make a backup of your iPhone on your computer. When you sync your iOS device with iTunes, an automatic backup would be created. If you are making backup on iCloud instead of your PC, you have to change Settings in iTunes. You can also use Back Up Now option and make a backup on your PC, for this you don’t have to change the iCloud backup settings. After successfully making a backup, you can now proceed further.

Second Step: In this step, you have to find out the exact location of backup of your iPhone on the hard disk of your PC. The path to the backup would be different, and it totally depends on your operating system. iTunes store SMS of your iPhone with a long file name. Depending on your operating system, you can find the file through following path:

Windows XP: C: Documents & Settings > [Your UserName}> Application Data> Apple Computer> Mobile Sync> Backup (the above route is based on the assumption that Windows is installed in drive C).

Windows 7 & 8: C:Users> [Your UserName]> App Data> Roaming> Apple Computer> Mobile Sync> Backup

OS X: User> Library> Application Support> Mobile Sync> Backup

Third Step: Now you can save your SMS backup file anywhere you want, so that you can retrieve it easily, anytime you want.

To decrypt the message data, you can use some of the available apps, and online services.

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