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Posted on Jan 3 2013 - 5:53pm by Muhammad Umer

When it comes to Smartphone’s operating systems, Apple’s iOS is one of the most adored operating systems.  iOS earned it’s respect by keeping up on the lines of the highest build standards infused by Apple but the fact that Apple has failed to bring in any game changing features to their operating system  can also not be ignored.  It feels like the progress has stagnated over the past little iteration. The fact that iOS 6 was no different than its predecessors makes the situation even worse. The iOS users are dying to see something new coming their way in form of the new iOS. iPhone and iPad community are have high hopes, and some have already thrown some ideas to make the new update even more worthwhile.  We absolutely cannot forget about the You Tuber BlogB13 who has quite wonderfully recreated some of the major elements of iOS, including revamped Notifications, Social Hub and an all-new multitasking concept.

Apple’s strategy of drip feeding their hardware to consumers to keep their interest in the new gadgets may sound right but holding back the updates of the software’s and their reluctance to improve some of the basic things in their operating system just doesn’t feels right. The jailbreak community has taken a step forward in terms of improving iOS’s core functionality. Apple can also be blamed for some of the major blunders in this aspect as the last few releases of Apple were just not effective as there were rampant errors in Apple’s built-in mapping solution and the changes in the Game Center, Notification Center, Multi-tasking also felt somewhat incomplete.

There is absolutely no doubt here that BlogB13 has done a wonderful job and has put forth some of the best concepts we have seen to date. His work on the Notification Center opens up a whole new world of interactive experience with the applications. The current notification center is not doing so badly but its conceptual model will definitely bring it to the new levels of functionality.

Apple has drastically failed to consider some of the best entries of the jailbreak community breaking the hearts of not only the developers but thousands of iOS users. An upward swipe gesture enables the current multitask bar to make way for an Expose-like interface, akin also to the Multi-flow tweak created by respected jailbreaker Aaron Ash. Considering the one dimensional of the current version of multitask bar, its conceptual model has so much more to offer with its increased functionality by making the user available to preview the open apps. We would definitely love to see such features in the iOS 7.

BlogB13 offers an interesting and highly interactive Social Hub, Which ensures the added fun in the never ending process of connecting with friends. It might be of not that much importance as the Social networking sites has been doing very good so far. But it deserves the appreciation as it keeps everyone neatly fitted in one place just a touch away.

Apple must consider some of the most unique ideas given by jailbreakers and add them to their new operating system to make it even more interactive and user friendly.

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