Graphic Description Of The 100 Year Old iPhone

Posted on Apr 2 2013 - 3:40pm by Muhammad Umer

In the recent times we have seen many designers and artists who have brought concept designs of the popular devices that were expected to release in the upcoming year. Well, today we have brought a similar concept design but this time the designer has made a concept design of an iPhone 100 years from now. No, it does not use any super futuristic technology, because these render shows how our current iPhone will look like after a 100 years.

Design of iPhone by Maico Akiba:

A designer named Maico Akiba has posted a new set of designs in which current devices and other stuff are shown as how they will look like after 100 years. Just like the other 100 years old things we find in the sea or under the rocks, it seems like an iPhone will also get corroded and rusty after a 100 years.

100 year old iPhone

100 year old iPhone graphic description

Graphic Description of the 100 Year Old iPhone:

These are pretty cool designs and it really does not depict how our future will look like but it shows that how old and rusty these things will become after that many years. Here in this render, we can see that the designer has used an iPhone 3G 16GB which has been rusted and corroded on both sides. Its back is almost completely gone to corrosion while the front is a little rusty and has some scratches as well, but we can see that it is still usable. So, we are not implying that your iPhone will work for 100 years but this concept is only showing how would it look like after a 100 years.

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