Google And Motorola Working On “X Phone” To Battle Against iPhone


The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is finally creating its own first smartphone in partnership with Motorola, which is internally called “X Phone“.

The smartphone will not be a part of the Motorola Droid series; it will be a completely new device which will be followed by a tablet, internally known as “X Tablet”. After the acquisition of Motorola, the next year we will finally see the fruits of synergy created by Google with the historic U.S. Company of mobile phones.

The former Google product manager, Lior Ron, says the project will focus mainly on photography, giving the devices a good camera and good editing software. But the rumors speak of nothing short of revolutionary features. According to some rumors the X Phone will have folding screens and some ceramic materials that would make the device much more resistant.

For building smartphones, Google has always trusted the external manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and LG. The production of the next smartphone in this range may be assigned to Motorola, now owned by Google itself. In short, it would be the first true ”Google Mobile“ that would lead the user experience of Android to the next level.

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