Glas.TR: The Most Resistant Glass Protection For iPhone 5

Posted on Feb 12 2013 - 5:52pm by Muhammad Umer

Glas.TR is a glass protection for iPhone 5 display, to prevent more shocks. It’s just a matter of addition of an extra millimeters glass to the screen of your iPhone; help you to protect the display from scratches.

I personally don’t like such screen protections or other accessories that distort the iPhone, we buy it because we like the way it is. Logically it’s really hard to keep your device safe from scratches, even the cases are get scratched and need to be changed regularly.

This is the only Achilles heel of Glas.TR, This is the only Achilles heel of Glas.TR, the glass screen that protects the display of our iPhone 5 from bumps and scratches. Unlike the predecessor Glas.T Spigen the corners are rounded (the R stands for rounded) and this should ensure greater resistance to breakage of the same panel.

But if the Glas.TR get scratched you cannot do anything, you have to spend your money again to buy a new protection.

There are also some points in favor of this cover: first of all the sensation to the touch is the same as that of the glass of the iPhone 5, Glas.TR also, unlike all traditional covers is extremely simple to install, thanks to the adhesive silicone applied in the lower part. There is no risk of air bubbles or other.

In short, it’s like having another layer of Gorilla Glass on your iPhone 5! Spigen Glas.TR can be purchased from  at a price of $ 34.99.

Via | Cult Of Mac

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