Future Apple Devices Could Eventually Make Use Of OLED Display?

Posted on Feb 9 2013 - 10:16am by Muhammad Umer

Apple has hired a prominent Executive of LG, who took care of the production of OLED-based displays. The Cupertino Company may have finally decided to adopt the new technology?

In the past the OLED screens were quite unripe with a color display totally altered and tending to cyan, because of sub-pixel structure of the panels. With the latest generation of smartphones the situation is dramatically improved, for example Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

Precisely for this reason it seems that Apple wants to enter the market of OLED panels incorporating in its staff Dr. Jeung Jil Lee, a researcher at LG Display and expert of the new technology.

But the benefits do not stop only in terms of image quality! OLEDs enable higher brightness contrast, have better energy efficiency, can be folded, have a superior viewing angle and improved responsiveness.

There are also some problems logically, as with all new technologies: to produce an OLED display costs on average more than a conventional LCD and have a long life. With regard to energy efficiency, OLEDs suffer dramatically with the white screens - for example, those web sites – in which they need a significant amount of extra energy compared to traditional LCD.

New hiring shows Apple intention to delve more into the new technology. A display of this type could make an appearance for the first time in the much rumored iWatch.

But it is also true that Apple has recently invested heavily invested in IPS LCD displays, which — coupled this year with Sharp’s IGZO technology.

Only time will tell whether the hiring of Jeung Lee will be the signal that we will have new and blazing OLED within our iPhone!

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