Firefox For iPhone Will Never Be Developed Because Of The App Store Restrictions

Posted on Mar 11 2013 - 6:13pm by Muhammad Umer

Mozilla vice president says that the Apple is unfair for third party browsers and Firefox for iPhone will not be developed until Apple shows flexibility related to rules governing iOS browsers.

If you are fans of Mozilla Firefox, you probably will be disappointed knowing that it will be released on the App Store until Apple will not change the publishing rules for third-party browser on the mobile application store.

Firefox was the first to challenge the undisputed hegemony of Internet Explorer, being able to have utilization rates higher than all other competitors, and paving the way for Google Chrome. The vice-president of Mozilla, Jay Sullivan, gave an interview to CNET stating that Firefox will never see the light of iPhone and iPad until Apple will not adopt less restrictive measures on the App Store.

At the moment, the Cupertino Company requires that all browsers use the version of Apple’s WebKit, not allowing third-party developers to create specific browsers according to their canons and preferred development platforms. In addition, Apple does not allow non-native applications to be configured as default.

Mozilla will not develop Firefox for iPhone and has no plans to do so and is not the only developer to complain about the situation on the App Store (negative comments also came from the developers of Opera and Dolphin Browser).

Dolphin Browser Chief Software Architect David Dehgahn said:

“Competition is critical to our survival.”

Taking advantage of this situation, however, Mobile Safari is the most widely used mobile browser ever on all platforms, so it seems that Apple has the need to change the rules of their virtual store.

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