How to Downgrade IOS 7 to IOS 6

Almost every other iPad, iPod and iPhone user is using this new iOS 7. Everyone is busy in updating this new operating system into their gadgets. But if we take a realistic view then the iPhone 4 is having a struggle while running the IOS 7 systems on it smoothly. This was unlikely in iPhone 3GS when it was done with iOS 6.

This is why; many of the users are now going back to the iOS 6 if they have 2010’s flagship then it would be difficult to go back into the iOS 6. It is officially pardoning to do that. But, if you have your SHSH blobs saved at somewhere then there might be a chance for you to go back to the iOS 6, otherwise you are trapped in IOS 7.

Steps to Downgrade:

SHSH blobs will make it safe for you to downgrade the system. You must have iOS 6 6.1.3/6.1.2 stored in your phone. Take these steps then,

Step 1: make sure that you do not have apps like Apple Mobile Device and Apple Software Update in your iPhone or iPad. You also need to uninstall the latest version of iTunes, if you are using any, for example: iTunes 11.1.x. You will be required to uninstall it and have the iTunes 11.0.5 or less than that.

Step 2: Delete the signs of latest iTunes version by restarting the phone. Now download iTunes 11.0.5 and in case, if the downloading error occurs, delete the file.

Step 3: get the new version of iFaith and check your SHSH blobs by using the option of “Show available SHSH Caches on Server”. This will tell you that which firmware you have, either iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.2. Download the one that is present in your phone.

Step 4: now begin the process of downgrading your firmware. Click “Build*signed* IPSW w/Blobs” by running the iFaith app.

Step 5: Now you will place your SHSH and then select the iOS file that you have downloaded earlier. The iFaith will do that for you and will create the convention IPSW.

Step 6: Now you have to track the instructions that appear on your screen. It will tell you to put the device into DFU pwner mode and you have to:

–           Hold the Home and Power buttons together for the 10 seconds.

–          Now keep on hold the Home button and let go the Power button till the screen is all Plain/Blank.

–          Great! You are now in the DFU mode.

Step 7: now upload the iTunes, select the iPhone, and hold down the Shift key while clicking onto the Restore iPhone. With that, you have to browse that convention firmware that was created by iFaith. Your system restoration will be continuing.

At the end, when the restoration will be completed, your device (iPhone or iPad) will be back to the iOS 6.

By following this method, you can simply downgrade your device. All you need is to remember and keep the firmware.

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