Apple Reimburses Families After The Scandal Of In-App Purchases By Kids

Posted on Feb 26 2013 - 5:53pm by Muhammad Umer

The Cupertino Company has decided to accept an extra-judicial agreement with parents involved in the case of in-app purchases, in which the children had spent large amounts of money without their knowledge within the applications.

The case erupted after the complaint of the Meguerian family, who saw the nine-year-old daughter involved in shopping sprees within applications in the App Store. Following the purchase of games like Zombie Cafe, Treasure Story and City Story, she began to buy virtual money with real money using this option within the games to make gameplay more fluid. The total expenditure amounted to over $200.

Probably the reckless girl did not suspect that he was spending a real currency within games and Apple was reported last July, by a massive class-action lawsuit, due to poor maneuvers used by Apple to address the issue.

Since the release of iOS 4.3 the options to inhibit the ability to make in-app purchases within applications do exist, Apple decided to capitulate (following the rejection of the request for class-action block) agreeing to repay (through iTunes Gift Card) the amount spent unwisely by their children.

Via | AppleInsider

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