Apple Drastically Reduces Orders For iPhone 5 Components

Posted on Jan 14 2013 - 11:27am by Muhammad Umer

It seems that Apple has drastically reduced orders for components required for the production of iPhone 5, in response to the much lower demand than expected by consumers, for the current quarter.

The news comes directly from the Wall Street Journal, one of the most reliable sources on the square. The demand for the latest model smartphone of Cupertino unable to reach the initial estimates that is what can be inferred from the words of the New York newspaper shows a drastic halving in the quantity of 4″display.

“Apple orders with regard to the display of the iPhone 5 for the quarter January-March fell by almost half compared to the Cupertino Company had quoted earlier.”

This may be due to the possible approach of a new model in view of the reduction of the annual cycle provided by Apple (AAPL) for new products. Also there are frequent rumors, incessant and increasingly likely, about an economic version of the Cupertino smartphone.

We just take the news with caution, although it has been reported by one of the most accurate and reliable sources of the industry. According to many other reports, on January 23 (the date on which conference will be held for quarterly results from Apple) the Cupertino company results will shock the public.

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