Apple Begins To Reject Applications That Contain Cookies To Track User Activity

Posted on Feb 26 2013 - 5:09pm by Muhammad Umer

Many developers use a technology called a ”cookie tracking” to track the activities of their users with a mobile phone and send targeted advertising within their applications. Several sources are reporting that the new apps that make use of such system were ultimately rejected on the App Store.

Apple is beginning to reject all those app that uses HTML5 cookie details to track user activity to launch targeted advertising based on the type of specific individual. By 2011 the developers had access to device UDID (unique code attached to each terminal) to track their activities, a solution is certainly not the best for privacy.

With the sixth beta of iOS 5, Apple has started to block access to the UDID to all developers, who have started to find special cookie insertion, the only alternative to track the activity of individual users for marketing purposes. The cookie technology is used by over 15 years from the most popular desktop browser, although on Smartphones works slightly different.

These allow you to save some sort of ID code on your device that identifies a single terminal, through which you can trace how to use and send targeted advertising. The refusal of applications that make use of this particular system could be due to a force of Apple against the app developers of their platforms.

Apple wants to switch to using its generic identification platform for advertising purposes, despite still large number of applications make use of “cookies tracking”, the rejection of new apps could lead very soon to the situation desired by Cupertino, with great advantages with regard to our privacy policy.

Via | TechCrunch

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