Apple And Android Completely Replace BlackBerry In The Enterprise

Posted on Nov 29 2012 - 6:04pm by Muhammad Umer

The BlackBerry name has always been linked to the business world, but now times have changed. The two giants of the mobile world, Apple and Google market is increasing against the Canadian company in the field in which it has dominated for years.

According to research from IDC, Apple will sell the beauty of 31.1 million iPhones to businesses for their employees. As for Android smartphones, IDC predicts that shipments in 2012 will amount to about 15.1 million in respect of purchases made by companies for their employees.

Here is the data regarding smartphones purchased directly by employees and not by companies. Android is king here with as many as 87.7 million units sold, while the iPhone chases 37.1 million odds. As for RIM, the IDC said that the company sold only 5.2 million BlackBerry in 2012, against considerable 22.4 million sold in 2011.

However, an important fact to consider is that the BlackBerry is still the smartphone that can guarantee companies the best level of security, while Android smartphones as we know, are the most vulnerable. Also for this reason businesses are turning in mass on iPhone and iOS, which denotes a level of security undoubtedly superior to Android. If the trend remains the same, by 2016 the smartphone made ​​in Cupertino will be the preferred choice by firms with a estimate of well 68.9 million units sold.

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