A New Patent Predicts the Presence of NFC on New Apple Devices

Posted on Jun 5 2013 - 5:40am by Muhammad Umer

The USPTO published a new Apple patent regarding the use of NFC in mobile devices – or not – of the company for the transfer of data, like the S-Beam technology, integrated on some models of Samsung Galaxy.

NFC on New Apple Devices

A big lack of iPhone 5 is the absence of the NFC module for the transfer of data or for synchronization between two devices for various reasons. It is a feature that could open up a huge range of possibilities within the smartphone, now used by many competitors.

The patent issued by the USPTO in recent hours attributed to Apple called “System and method for simplified data transfer” and in its 84 pages long, we read the use of an NFC module integrated in the device to make sure that these will connect to the transfer of data and information.


Here’s the patent summary:

“A method of performing the simplified data transfer may include initiating communication using near field communication (NFC) between two devices. Next, data associated with open applications on one of the two devices may be saved and then transferred to the other. Transferring the data may take place using a peer-to-peer connection other than via NFC.”

The NFC is used as a method of synchronization between the two devices, which can be desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, and then uses the traditional technologies available to refine the transfer, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Similar technologies are already on competitive devices, and it is unclear if Apple did want to take this route or rely permanently to the cloud, as made in recent years. Of course, a patent of this kind shows a kind of openness of society in respect of this specific technology.


Tony Fadell (known as the grandfather of the iPod) is one of the inventors of the patent, with Michael Rosenblatt, Gloria Lin, Amir Mahood Mikhak, Lantz Taido Nakajima, Sean Anthony Mayo and Andrew Hodge.


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