5 Must Known Tips For Using “Vine”

Posted on Jan 28 2013 - 8:00pm by Muhammad Umer

A few days back, twitter has released an app that can be used to make a short video, about 6 seconds long. You can upload this video on twitter as well as on any other video service.

Without a doubt, this is an amazing app and people called it “Instagram for videos”, as soon as it was launched. Thousands of people have started shooting and sharing their videos through “Vine”.

Flashback: Twitter Launches Vine: Short Videos Recording And Sharing App For iPhone

Right now, Twitter has launched this app for iOS users only, but they have assured that “Vine” would be available for other platforms shortly. This app is free of cost, and quite simple to use, but you must know five basic tips before getting start with it. Here are the tips:

1. You Can’t Make A Vine Video Private

Unlike Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, you cannot have any privacy in “Vine”. Anyone on this app can watch what you have uploaded on it, and even share it on Twitter and Facebook.

When Twitter was asked by NBC News about the privacy issue, they said that the new release of this app would certainly contain an option for controlling the viewers of your uploaded videos.

2. Tag Your Video To Be Discovered Easily

Like Instagram and Twitter, there is an explorer portion included in this app. You can type a tag line, and Vine would show you a list of videos that have been tagged similarly by the users. If you select a tag from the tiled collection, a feed of videos would appear related to that tag.

Other than the explorer option, you can search different videos. You can also tag your video to anything you want. So, shoot a short and sweet video with this amazing app, upload it, and include relevant tags. Adding relevant tags make it easy for other users to find and watch your videos (and you may become famous).

3. Be Creative With “Vine”

In most of the video making apps, there is no option of pausing when you are shooting  film with it. Vine has this option. Now you can be more creative while making film, as you can pause shooting at a certain time, and resume it later. You can make short movie of procedure to make some delicious quick salad, or making DIY (do it yourself) stuff.

A whole process of selecting and editing separate sections of films together is already shown up in this app.

4. More Room For Improvement

In this version of Vine, you can like and comment on a video, but nothing more than that. In the upcoming versions, there is a lot of room for the improvement. We hope that we could be able to tag a friend in the comment box, or share a video from the feed. There are high chances that the company would add an option of deleting a comment, as we can do in Instagram.

5. What Would Be The Nomenclature

We wonder what would we say when we would upload a video on Vine? Or when we would be going through the feed, we would call it a “VineYard”? Are the videos vine?

We can only make assumptions about it at this moment. Let the time decide the nomenclature of Vine. Whatever it would be, it is a fact that this “Vine” is going to be a hit.

We hope that you must have checked this app till now, if you haven’t, just download it and start shooting. You are going to love this app. While using the app, keep the above 5 tips in your mind, and you would become a great video maker. Enjoy!

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